Allurion Gastric Balloon

Introducing the Allurion Gastric Balloon, a revolutionary non-surgical weight loss solution. This ingestible balloon offers a rapid and effective way to achieve substantial weight loss without invasive procedures. Experience the transformative potential of the Allurion Gastric Balloon today.


Allurion Gastric Balloon

A complete weight loss program involving a 15-minute
procedure with no anaesthesia or endoscopy.

Whats Involved

10-15% Weight Loss

Attain substantial weight loss milestones through the use of the Allurion Gastric Balloon, where you can anticipate a total weight reduction of 10-15% within a mere four-month timeframe.

15 Minute Procedure

Discover a rapid and non-invasive weight loss solution through our quick 15-minute Allurion Gastric Balloon procedure.

6 Months Aftercare

Take advantage of our 6-month post-procedure care program, designed to support your success following the Allurion Gastric Balloon procedure.

How does Weight Loss with the Allurion Balloon work?

Initiate your path to weight loss with the Allurion Balloon, a non-surgical, ingestible weight loss solution. This groundbreaking approach involves the placement of a balloon in your stomach, naturally eliciting a sensation of fullness. With the Allurion Balloon, you can take charge of portion control, curb overindulgence, and jumpstart your weight loss journey. When combined with our comprehensive lifestyle program, it’s not merely about shedding pounds; it’s about uncovering a healthier, more joyful version of yourself. Explore the transformative potential of the Allurion Balloon today.

12 Months After

95% Sustain weight loss

Experience lasting transformation with the Allurion Gastric Balloon. Our program boasts an impressive 95% rate of sustained weight loss 12 months after the procedure. We don’t just help you lose weight – we equip you with the tools and support to maintain your progress long after the balloon procedure. It’s not just about a temporary change, it’s about embracing a sustainable, healthier lifestyle. Start your journey with us and discover the power of lasting weight loss success.


Partnering with a Nutritionist provides the cornerstone of any effective weight management or health improvement plan. By analyzing your current dietary habits, health status, and wellness goals, a nutritionist can develop a comprehensive and personalized eating plan designed to optimize nutrient intake, support sustainable weight loss, and improve overall health.

What to expect?

  • Immediate nutritional insights and adjustments
  • a steady improvement in eating habits
  • noticeable health benefits and weight management progress within weeks to months.

Doctor's Orders

  • Consistently follow the personalized nutrition advice
  • integrate a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins into your diet
  • monitor portion sizes and meal timing for optimal results.

Inspired for a better you

Embrace change and commence your transformation today with the Allurion Gastric Balloon.

Embark on the path towards a healthier, more joyful you.