Body Slimming (Vanquish)

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Vanquish is a one-of-a-kind fat reduction system that works by effectively heating and killing stubborn fat cells in the waist and stomach area. Using radio frequency, Vanquish heats the fat cells to 120 degrees and destroys them without harming the skin or surrounding tissue. During the procedure, the system is suspended above the body so that it does not touch the patient’s skin. This non-invasive procedure is not painful and patients only feel a warm sensation on the treatment area.

 For ideal results, our doctor typically recommends that patients receive one 30 -minute treatment per week over the course of 4 weeks. After all recommended treatment sessions are completed, most patients can expect to see 1-3 inches reduced from their waistline or stomach. Vanquish requires no downtime for patients as the skin around the treatment area will only be red and warm for a short time following the procedure. Patients to encourage to drink ample amounts of water and stay hydrated before and after the treatment in order to see the best results.

 While not a system for large amounts of weight loss, Vanquish is proven to be effective for those who are struggling to lose a few inches around the waist despite a healthy diet and exercise.

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