A world-renowned treatment, Morpheus was named after the Greek God of Dreams. This high tech device is designed to combine micro-needling and radio-frequency to achieve deep fractionated collagen remodeling with almost no downtime! The unique matrix fractionated radio-frequency micro-pins renew the underlying layers of the skin at different depths of the dermis to address a variety of skin health concerns from deeper skin laxity to surface skin texture. It is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, remodel fatty tissues, and significantly increase collagen and elastin fibers. Oxygen dome and infusion of cryotherapy are included to calm the skin afterward.

PRP is also available as an add on to Morpheus treatments.


What to Expect

  • No downtime
  • Slightly warm pink skin for the first few hours
  • Some dry, peeling patches at treatment areas for 3-5 days. Good news: Peeling is typically not visible to others

Doctor's Orders

  • Go without makeup the first day/night
  • May resume regular skin routine 2 days afterward
  •  Apply REJUUV POST GLOW MASK twice a day for 3 days to reduce the recovery period
  • Use sunscreen daily even when indoors to reduce hyper-pigmentation
  • May resume exercise/hot sauna and baths 48 hrs post
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