Platysma Bands/ Neck Laxity

Our neck is usually the first to show signs of aging and reveal our true age. The skin is thinner and has fewer oil glands which are why it loses elasticity faster and is prone to wrinkles and sagging skin. At Rejuuv we offer a combination of treatments to address this delicate area.  We are committed to helping you feel and look your best.  Our highly knowledgeable and experienced team will provide you with an in depth consultation and create a customized treatment plan for you to achieve your skin goals.

Treatments include Botox, fillers, laser technologies with a combination of medical skincare, Morpheus, Thermage, and Ultherapy.

What to Expect

  • Younger, tighter, and smoother skin
  • A visible reduction in wrinkles and fine line


Doctor's Orders

  • Apply sunscreen daily
  • For optimum result, use medical-grade skincare at home, pair with Neocutis Neck cream or Vivier Granzine Neck serum for best results
  • Post care varies depending on the treatment
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