Widely known as “The Vampire Facial/Face Lift” did not receive its fame without reason. This powerhouse of growth factors and healing properties is housed by your own body’s blood. The cascade of super-powerful platelet cells activates fibroblast activities deep in the dermis creating revitalization and regeneration to surface new baby plump skin.

There are various ways to deliver the PRP into the skin:

  • As an add-on to micro-needling treatments
  • Through a Meso-infusion gun which has 5-9 needle prongs that deliver a specific dose into a specific depth (0.6-4.5)
  • Through 24 micro-infusion device channels such as Aquagold which has a depth of 0.6mm
  • Through hand injection into the scar, wrinkle, treatment area

What to Expect

  • Little to no downtime
  • Best results are seen in 4-8 weeks after
  • Maintenance treatment in 6 months

Doctor's Orders

  • Avoid washing the face for 10 hours
  • Do not wear makeup, sunscreen for 12 hours
  • No workouts for 24-48 hrs
  • Avoid skin resurfacing treatments for 1 week
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