Ultherapy, beloved by many celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, is the most powerful mini facelift so far in the market. The powerful ultrasound technology in this machine utilizes concentrated waves to create high heat deep in the dermis and can target the SMAS muscle. Ultherapy is different than radio-frequency (RF) or any laser tightening methods since ultrasound technology do not affect the outer layer of the skin. When Ultherapy heats up the different layers, it elicits the body’s natural healing response which then stimulates collagen and elastin production. Results are long-lasting as it creates mature collagen. Our specialized Ultherapy practitioner will mark the face to avoid facial nerves and major vessels. The ultrasound handpiece then delivers specific pulses at specific depths depending on what the treatment area is.

What to Expect

  • No downtime
  • Slight swelling, tingling, tenderness to touch
  • Noticeable results at 2-3 months
  • Final results at 3-6 months
  • Results last 1-2 years

Doctor's Orders

  • Stay healthy – eat well, reduce alcohol and smoking as it contributes to collagen and elastin depletion
  • Sleep for at least 8 hours
  • Exercise at least 1 hour a week
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