The downtime for cosmetic surgeries such as liposuction can be long and painful, not to mention the cost. Vanquish requires no downtime and is pain-free. It is a one-of-a-kind fat reduction system that works by effectively heating and killing stubborn fat cells in the waist, stomach, and thigh area.

Most patients can expect to see 3-7cm reduced from their waistline or stomach after completing a series of recommended sessions. The average reduction is 4.8cm. Most patients require a min of (4) 30-minute sessions over the course of 4 weeks.

What to Expect

  • No downtime
  • Redness is normal immediately after treatment but will subside within a few hours

Doctor's Orders

  • Maintain a healthy diet and  exercise regularly for optimal results
  • Patients are encouraged to drink ample amounts of water and stay hydrated before and after the treatment in order to see the best results
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