The Vampire Facial Toronto

Rejuvenate, Revive, Anti-Age

Widely known as “The Vampire Facial/Face Lift” did not receive its fame without reason. This powerhouse of growth factors and healing properties is housed by your own body’s blood. The cascade of super powerful platelet cells activates fibroblast activities deep in the dermis creating revitalization and regeneration to surface new baby plump skin. Upon popular request, our medical practitioner may draw extra platelet rich plasma cells and use a personalized hand injection technique to target tiny fine lines and wrinkles prior to the facial.

We have 3 different centrifuges that yields slightly different result. Talk to our experts to see
which is the right option for you!

The Vampire Facial is offered in our Toronto Medi Spa.


More About vampire facial

A vampire facial, or PRP treatment is a new beauty trend that combines microneedling (also known as collagen-induction therapy) with topical application of platelet rich plasma derived from your own blood. This skin rejuvenation treatment creates an overall improvement to the texture and tone in your face leaving you looking years younger! It can also reduce scars including acne scarring while correcting hyperpigmentation for even lighter results without any painful injections at all.

The Vampire Facial is a trademarked procedure that’s standardized by those licensed to perform it, but many doctors offer similar customized facial rejuvenation treatments, sometimes using radiofrequency microneedling to boost its skin-firming benefits.

Vampire Facial Lift is offered in our Toronto location

How does vampire facial work?

The treatment begins with a blood draw. Your provider will take some of your precious fluid and spin it through an intricate process, separating out the platelets for use in just what we need to fix you up!

After cleansing your skin and applying a topical anesthetic to numb the face, they’ll move the microneedling device across it using single-use sterile needle cartridges. The needles are in motion up and down with stamp like precision for maximum efficacy as well as comfort during treatment checkpoints along this process.



Is vampire facial painful?

The procedure is usually painless and patients need not worry about the initial blood draw. It can be slightly painful for some people, but no more so than any other needle prick would feel like it’s been reported by many others who’ve undergone this treatment before them.

The only exception being if you were treated in areas where there was not enough topical anesthetic applied; then your lips or eyes may have bothered us when they became too sensitive from lack of numbing agent reaching its intended destination- though very uncommon!

What to expect?

Afterward, you’ll look and feel like you have a sunburn, perhaps accompanied by some mild bleeding and bruising. 

Your skin will be extra sensitive, so protect it from anything that might cause irritation for two to three days:

  • Strip your skin-care routine down to the basics: a gentle cleanser and a simple, hydrating moisturizer; but don’t wash your face for at least six hours after your treatment, to allow the PRP time to sink in.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure and be diligent about applying sunscreen. Physical sunblocks that contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are less likely to irritate. 
  • Go makeup-free. Remember, your skin has tiny holes in it, so anything you apply could potentially penetrate below the surface. 
  • Don’t work up a sweat. Sweat contains bacteria that can aggravate sensitive skin. 

The entire recovery time shouldn’t be longer than a week, but your skin may remain sensitive for a little longer than that. 


Dr. Shawn Seit, MD is the founder and medical director of Rejuuv Medispa. He is a graduate of University of Toronto’s Medical School and trained with Dr. R. Stephen Mulholland who has been voted one of the top ten cosmetic plastic surgeons in Canada by Flare Magazine. Dr. Shawn Seit, MD is rated on RateMd and Verified Real Self Doctor. 

Dr. Seit has extensive experience with cosmetic picoway laser use, injection rhinoplasty, Botox, dermal fillers, and facial sculpting. Dr. Seit also performs a new non-surgical body sculpting technique to dissolve unwanted fat deposits on the body. Dr. Seit’s techniques will result in attractive, natural-looking enhancements.