Cyberderm O+Lait


O+Lait Cleanser 50ml

Introducing Ecocert TM Certified Organic Cleanser
Jojoba to Milk Melting Cleanser
With Jojoba Oil and Glycerin

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This concentrated yet gentle cleanser uses jojoba oil and glycerin to dissolve the days impurities away including make-up, dirt, pollution and other particulates. This formula is full of nourishing ingredients that will leave your skin clean and soft. It uses a natural cleansing agent to remove dirt without stripping the skin. It’s free from all forms of sulfates, foaming agents like DEA, MEA, and TEA, and fragrances both natural and synthethic. All of its ingredients are naturally derived and it contains 70% that are Ecocert Certified Organic. All Skin types can use it, every day as part of their morning and evening routine.




This cleanser works best when you apply it to dry skin. You can activate it by adding water and watch how it transforms from a clear, nourishing gel to a milky emulsion.



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