B Family
Energy Boosting Shot

All the B vitamins

From contributing to the reduction in tiredness and fatigue to supporting a normal immune system, B vitamins are an essential nutrient for overall wellness


What Is It For

  1. Supports energy levels 
  2. Supports mood and sleep 
  3. Promotes nerve cell health 
  4. Aids red blood cell synthesis 

Super B

  1. Vitamins B1 B2 B3 B5 and B6 in one quick shot 
  2. Supports energy production from food 
  3. Aids detoxification 
  4. Promotes overall cellular health 

Methyl B12

  1. Activated form of B12 vitamin to bypass methylation process 
  2. Supports energy levels 
  3. Sleep and mood 
  4. Promotes nerve cell health 
  5. Aids red blood cell synthesis 

How Does it Work

REVIV provides two distinct forms of vitamin B12. The first, Hydroxocobalamin, is a natural byproduct of the body’s digestion of food sources and is absorbed into the bloodstream through enzymatic processes. Meanwhile, Methyl B12 is a pre-activated form, primed for immediate use by the body. Additionally, our Super B vitamin shot combines five different B vitamins in a single, efficient administration, offering support and maintenance for various wellness benefits. 

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