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Dr. Shawn Seit, MD


Dr. Shawn Seit, MD is the founder and medical director of Rejuuv Medispa. He is a graduate of University of Toronto’s Medical School and trained with Dr. R. Stephen Mulholland who has been voted one of the top ten cosmetic plastic surgeons in Canada by Flare Magazine. Dr. Seit has extensive experience with cosmetic laser use, injection rhinoplasty, Botox, and facial sculpting. Dr. Seit also performs a new non-surgical body sculpting technique to dissolve unwanted fat deposits on the body. Dr. Seit’s techniques will result in attractive, natural-looking enhancements.

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Our passionate team of highly experienced and accredited experts are here to help you along the way, and to answer any questions you might have. At Rejuuv, your comfort and satisfaction are our priority. We love to listen to your needs, and together we can find the perfect natural solution to make it happen.

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