fractora rf

As a nonsurgical skin rejuvenation treatment, Fractora RF delivers radiofrequency energy—hence the RF—below the skin’s surface, via microneedling. In the hands of an experienced provider, the Fractora RF device makes micro injuries in the dermis (the lower layer of the skin) with tiny needles and fractionated radiofrequency energy, experienced as heat. 

RF microneedling triggers the skin’s natural healing response, restructuring the existing collagen, stimulating the production of more, and increasing the rate of cell turnover. The result is tighter, firmer skin, with smoother skin texture and a more even skin tone. It also helps reduce acne by shrinking the skin’s oil glands.

Fractora RF is offered in our Toronto, Markham and North York medi spa. 


More About fractora rf

Fractora is an advanced radio-frequency treatment that bridges the gap between fractional lasers and surgical procedures. It is a superior solution that can provide exceptional results addressing superficial and deep wrinkles, improving skin complexion, reducing acne/acne scars, slowing the effects of aging, and restoring skin to its youthful appearance, all in one session. Fractora is capable of treating all skin types and is minimally invasive.

Though it’s most commonly used on the face and neck, Fractora RF can treat any body areas. It’s also safe for all skin types and tones, because it targets the deeper layers of the skin—unlike lasers, which target the superficial layers. There’s little risk of pigmentation issues and less downtime than other skin resurfacing options.

Fractora RF is offered in our Markham, Toronto, and North York location.

What skin concerns fractora rf treats?

Fractora can treat many of the same concerns on the face and neck, such as:

  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Acne scars & other scars
  • Large pore size
  • Crepey or lax skin

Fractora is additionally effective at treating:

  • Pigmentation irregularities
  • Cystic acne (it can even be used with active acne!)
  • Loose skin on the belly, thighs and other areas of body

What happens during fractora rf treatment?

A Fractora RF skin treatment typically lasts an hour or two. Your provider will first apply a numbing cream to your skin or inject the treatment area with local anesthetic. They may also give you a small dose of anti-anxiety medication, to help keep you comfortable. 

Once you’re numb, your provider will stamp the handheld Fractora RF device into your skin repeatedly, across the full treatment area. With each contact, the microneedles puncture your skin and transmit the RF energy as heat. The anesthetic should mitigate pain, but you may still feel some discomfort.

What to expect after a fractora rf treatment?

You’ll be able to see some difference in skin firmness after the swelling has gone down, but more noticeable results will become apparent several weeks later, once your body has had time to produce new collagen. You may begin to see discoloration and acne scarring fade as well as some of the effects of aging or photo damage on your skin minimized.

Your results will improve over the next four to six months, with continued collagen production, and you’ll need annual follow-up treatments to maintain them.

Does fractora really work?

Yes, Fractora can improve the look of fine or deep lines, texture, pigment irregularities, blood vessels and redness in one treatment by resurfacing of the skin. Fractora offers improvements for aging skin that would normally require more than one treatment and technology to get the same results.

89% Patient satisfactions on Realpatientratings.

What to expect?

  • Slight redness for up to 1 week
  • Micro lesions for a few days after treatment
  • Visible results typically appear after two weeks
  • Improvements continue up to three months after treatment
  • For a week before your Fractora treatment, stay out of the sun, discontinue use of topical retinoids in your skin-care routine, and keep your skin well-hydrated by moisturizing in the morning and evening. You should also avoid anticoagulants, like alcohol, aspirin, and ibuprofen, for at least a week beforehand to reduce the risk of bleeding and bruising.

Doctor's Orders

  • Apply sunscreen daily
  • Avoid direct exposure to the sun
  • Wash face using a gentle face cleanser
  • No makeup for 48 hours
  • Apply Neucutis Bioserum or Biocream starting the next day for optimum results

Doctor's recommendation

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micro needling vs fractora rf micro needling

Micro needling takes advantage of the body’s natural healing processes. Dr. Fitzgerald and her colleagues use a SkinPen, a handheld device create microscopic pinpoint wounds at predetermined depths.

These wounds are deep enough to trigger your body’s healing mechanisms but not so deep that they cause permanent damage. Your body responds to the wounds by producing new elastin and collagen, leaving your healed skin firmer and tighter than it was before.

Fractora uses micro needling, but goes a step further — it emits radio frequency deep into your skin to further boost your body’s collagen and elastin production. Generally, Genius RF can treat more severe problems than micro needling in fewer treatments. Source

fractora vs morpheus8

The Morhpeus8 needles can penetrate the skin deeper than any other microneedling device. Morpheus8 can penetrate up to 4mm whereas Fractora can only penetrate up to 3mm. These longer needles allow our dermatologists to deliver radiofrequency energy to the exact depth that would benefit your skin the most. source

The needles on the Morpheus8 tip are also sharper than those on Fractora, allowing them to smoothly pass in and out of the skin while creating tiny punctures. These micro-punctures send a signal to your body, telling it to heal and rejuvenate the area. When your body responds, cosmetic concerns in the treatment area improve.

Fractora is the ideal treatment tip for patients with acne and acne scarring. If you are looking for a skin rejuvenation treatment, Morpheus8 may be more appropriate for you. Our experienced dermatologists will determine which microneedling tip to use during your RF microneedling session.


Dr. Shawn Seit, MD is the founder and medical director of Rejuuv Medispa. He is a graduate of University of Toronto’s Medical School and trained with Dr. R. Stephen Mulholland who has been voted one of the top ten cosmetic plastic surgeons in Canada by Flare Magazine. Dr. Shawn Seit, MD is rated on RateMd and Verified Real Self Doctor. 

Dr. Seit has extensive experience with cosmetic picoway laser use, Non surgical rhinoplasty, Botox, dermal fillers, and facial sculpting. Dr. Seit also performs a new non-surgical body sculpting technique to dissolve unwanted fat deposits on the body. Dr. Seit’s techniques will result in attractive, natural-looking enhancements.