Brightening Shots | Toronto

Want a brighter, more natural radiating glow? The glutathione vitamin mix infusion contains a potent cocktail blend of antioxidants that allows you to flaunt clear and radiant skin. It also helps fight signs of aging, even out skin tone, and boost skin clarity. Additionally, it helps to eliminate toxins and heavy metals from our body while combating free radicals which is a leading cause of aging.

Brightening Shot is offered in our Toronto Medi Spa.


Why is it good for you

Custom serum blend targets uneven skin tone and helps reduce the appearance of dark spots for brighter and more radiant-looking skin. Hydrogel encapsulated technology delivers effective results allowing you to be your own mixologist while creating a custom regimen to tackle your skin’s needs!


Brightening Shot is offered in our Markham, Yorkville, and North York location.

How Can brightening shots help?

Your daily dose of skin-boosting vitamins to prep your skin for a bright and even glow.

What to expect?

  • Mild soreness, swelling, and redness is normal
  • Bruising is normal and will subside within 7-10 days
  • Apply warm compresses within the first few days after your treatment

Doctor's Orders

  • In order to see better results and increase the glutathione effects, we suggest taking a dose of vitamin C oral supplements daily to maintain the glow