Brow Lift Or Botox?

What is a Botox brow lift? Can Botox lift eyebrows?

Botox is a great treatment option for people who want to eliminate forehead wrinkles and raise their eyebrows. “If you have high brows, this can help lower them,” says Dr. Shawn Seit . “It’s less expensive than surgery, doesn’t require downtime , which are all benefits of Botox.”

High brows are eyebrows that sit a centimeter above the orbital rim, which is where it creates a shelf above the eyes. The ideal placement for women’s eyebrows would be to have them one centimeter higher than men’s should be, sitting right on top of their orbital rims. If you have naturally low-set brows and get Botox injections in your forehead muscles they will not likely raise your eyebrow because if someone has naturally lower set ones then relaxing those muscle fibers might cause further descent into an eye socket or even worse–backfire completely!

Botox injections may be less effective as we age. As Dr. Shawn Seit says, “a really effective Botox [injection] can cause things to sink down.” That’s when people seek out a brow lift surgery instead of continuing with ineffective treatments that don’t work like they used to at our advanced ages!

Brow lift or Botox?

A brow lift can create a rounder face vs. Botox, especially for people who are younger and want to keep their baby-faced look longer or  for those in their 20s with large foreheads.

A brow lift is worth it if one has heaviness in the glabella or near the temples. If these areas are sinking, a deep furrow between the eyebrows (also known as elevens) can form and cause drooping around outer corners of eyes; thus a brow lift will pull up those sinking regions and balance them without avert side effects.

If you’re not ready for a brow lift, come and have a quick consultation with our beauty consultants for your botox!