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The average penis is 5 inches, or 13 cm. But even though this falls within the normal range, many men believe they need a longer or wider penis . This often leads them to seek out interventions that claim to be able to achieve this goal.

Which are the various Penile enlargement methods?

Several options are available that attempt to increase penis length, some of them are described below:

Non-surgical methods

1. Pills and lotions

While pills and ointments for penis enlargement are widely available, it’s important to remember that these products have not been proven to actually increase penis size. Furthermore, some of these remedies may even contain harmful chemicals like lead or pesticides.

2. Vacuum devices

Pumps and other vacuum equipment are also utilized to enlarge the penile. The penis is covered with a tube-like construction using a vacuum pump technique, which sucks blood into the penis, causes it to inflate, and gives the impression that it is huge.

These pumps are intended to treat impotence temporarily, but excessive use might weaken erections by harming the tissue in the penis.

3. Penile extenders

Penile extenders pull on the penis to stretch it. Although this method has had some favorable results, experts advise employing it only under a doctor’s supervision.

4. Jelqing

Jelqing is a pulling exercise that aims to improve blood flow to the penis’s tissues, making it appear larger. However, there is no scientific support for this method either. Over time, it could also result in pain or scars.

Surgical methods

Penile augmentation and suspensory ligament release are the two main procedures used to increase penis size.


There are two techniques to enhance the penis: either by injecting fat cells directly into the penis or by grafting fat cells from other parts of the body onto the penis. The body can reabsorb the fat over time, restoring the penis to its original size.


The ligament holding the penis to the pubic area is surgically removed using the suspensory ligament release procedure. The goal of this surgery is to alter the penis’s angle, which can give the impression that it is longer. But while erect, the penis will have a different angle, which can make intercourse difficult.