Everything You Need To Know About The Botox Lip Flip

The latest fad in the beauty industry are Botox Lip Flips, a short and practically unnoticeable procedure that can change your lips’ shape dramatically.

Although the treatment may appear to be a mix of Botox and dermal fillers, it is not. The desired results of the Botox Lip Flip are significantly different from those achieved with traditional lip fillers.

What Is A Botox Lip Flip? 

A non-surgical lip augmentation known as a Botox Lip Flip enhances the fullness of the lips while maintaining a natural look.

A tiny quantity of Botox is injected into several spots along the oral commissures, or corners of the mouth, and into the edges of the lips, also known as the vermillion border, using cosmetic-safe neurotoxic protein botulinum toxin type A (Botox). The muscles around your upper lip are relaxed by Botox.

Benefits Of A Botox Lip Flip 

The Botox Lip Flip has become a go-to aesthetic treatment for women who want defined lips without adding volume. Also, since it’s achieved with Botox, this treatment can diminish any vertical lip lines that have formed above the upper lip, giving you a more youthful appearance.

Vertical lip lines, also called smoker’s lines, can start out as fine lines only noticeable above the upper lip. However, with time they gradually deepen into wrinkles. Botox not only relaxes the muscle that contracts and causes these wrinkles but also smooths the skin above it and reduces present wrinkles.

The Lip Flip can also make your smile more aesthetically pleasing by lessening the amount of gum that is exposed when you smile. This Botox procedure does not actually change the shape of your smile, but it will give the appearance of a fuller top lip which will cover up any gums that may be exposed.


While a Botox Lip Flip may appear to be similar to lip filler, there are in fact many differences between the two.

A Lip Flip relaxes the muscle above the lips to change its position and create an illusion of fuller lips, while dermal filler physically adds volume by injecting into the lips for a plumper appearance.

A Botox Lip Flip uses Botox, a non-toxic neurotoxin-based relaxant that is designed to relieve tension in muscles, whereas dermal filler utilizes hyaluronic acid (HA) to add volume.

When it comes to natural-looking improvement, reduced fine lines, or a less gummy smile, women frequently choose between a Botox Lip Flip and dermal filler.


The results are rather immediate, generally appearing over the course of a few days. It takes two to three days for the muscle above the mouth to fully relax, and one week for the upper lip to lift and turn.

You may anticipate clear effects for two to three months after the muscle relaxes, although individual outcomes might vary.

Longevity varies depending on a variety of reasons, including how often the top lip flaps while speaking or smiling.

Immediately after receiving the therapy, you may experience faint bruising or swelling at the injection site, and while you should avoid exercise and sleep with your face up for 24 hours post-treatment, most individuals are able to return to work right away.


Injectables, in particular a Botox Lip Flip, are best left to the professionals. To execute a proper flip with this therapy, you must be precise along the oral commissures and vermillion border, as well as skilled placement to match your unique lip form.

This treatment also makes use of a limited amount of Botox, which is critical for natural-looking outcomes.