Why is My Hair Falling Out?

Hair thinning or loss can be caused by a variety of factors, depending on each person. Genetics, nutrition, stress and hormones are only a few of the usual reasons we encounter. Our team of specialists has years of expertise in this area to figure out what is causing each patient’s hair issues as well as the finest treatment options.


Can I Reverse All Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a condition that many people are suffering from. There’s always a chance of full cure in certain situations, but there isn’t such thing as a hair loss treatment for every case. When it comes to treating hair loss, understanding the source is the most essential component.

How Do I Determine the Cause of My Hair Loss?

After a thorough examination by our dermatologists specializing in hair loss, there are actually an additional few lab tests that can get to the root of the issue. These can include but are not limited to routine bloodwork and a small scalp biopsy. The causes of hair loss differ for men and women, too; hair loss in women can involve postpartum hair loss due to hormonal changes, for example.

How Much Does Hair Loss Treatment Cost?

Hair loss can be treated for a variety of reasons, including medical conditions like alopecia areata and chemotherapy. The cost of treating hair loss is determined by a variety of factors, including the treatment choices that will work best for you. At Rejuuv Medi Spa, we make it a goal to get to know you and figure out.

What are My Treatment Options for Hair Loss?

Treatment methods include, but are not limited to, various medicines taken orally and topically, PRP injections and supplements. Our dermatologists will only lead you in the correct direction!

What is PRP for Hair Loss and How Does It Work?

PRP has revolutionized medicine in a variety of specialties, and it is even frequently used to reduce pain and inflammation in joints. We are aiding in the healing of any condition or irritation that might be causing hairloss or loss by injecting PRP into the scalp..

The treatment is a simple outpatient procedure that requires our specialists to draw your blood and spin it in a centrifuge on a regular basis. The separated “platelet-rich plasma” or liquid gold, as we refer to it, is then taken. We then re-inject the special cells into your scalp using the numbness medications and laughing gas.

PRP works by using the body’s own natural healing mechanisms to encourage growth and regeneration. The platelets in your blood contain high concentrations of proteins called growth factors, which are essential for the repair and regeneration of tissue. By injecting PRP into the scalp, we can help to trigger the body’s natural hair growth processes, resulting in thicker, fuller hair.

PRP can be one of the best hair loss treatments because it works as a male and female hair loss treatment and helps address the underlying cause of poor hair growth.

How Fast Will I See Hair Regrowth and Results?

Bilateral PRP injections are most effective when administered in a series. We typically advise patients to have one treatment and then continue with the procedure in a series for optimal results. During your first consultation, we will discuss your treatment options with you.


It’s quite possible that hormonal imbalance may be the source of your hair loss. If your hormone levels are restored with certain pills, you could regain new growth. In some situations, applying a corticosteroid directly to the scalp might help to reduce inflammation. This will be determined based on your needs.

Topical Ingredients

It’s important to be topically aware of the chemicals we put on our scalp, just as it is with skincare on your face and body. Scalp health is an essential component in creating a favorable environment for new hair to develop. During your appointment, the best goods and treatments will be discussed.