How to get rid of under-eye bags

If you have ever stayed up past your bedtime, whether it be from enjoying drinks with friends or working on a presentation for the next day, then you know how terrible it is to wake up with bags under your eyes.

If you’ve ever tried to cover up dark circles with makeup or home remedies like teabags, you know the pain of someone still asking if you’re tired.

Surgical solutions

The most effective way to address under-eye bags is with a lower blepharoplasty, a surgical procedure that involves the removal or repositioning of the fat and/or skin underneath the eyes.

However, this option is often expensive and requires downtime for recovery.

Nonsurgical solutions

If your under-eye bags aren’t bad enough to surgery, or you don’t have the time or money for a blepharoplasty, there are other options.

Dermal filler is also a potential solution, though it won’t fix the under-eye bags directly. It’s crucial to understand that this is only a temporary solution for some patients. The duration of results depends on the type of filler used, but it can last from 3 months up to a year. To keep seeing results, you’ll need periodic injections as needed.

Although Botox can temporarily fix crow’s feet, it does not treating the under-eye bags themselves.

At-home solutions

There are many at-home options that may help with under-eye bags, but they may not be as effective as medical or surgical solutions.

Applying cold compresses can temporarily reduce the appearance of bags and swelling. Cucumber slices, chilled tea bags, and even a bag of frozen peas all work well for this.