Is Laser Treatment For Acne Scars Permanent?

Lasers are not magic bullets that can wipe away acne scars in one fell swoop, but they can fade the marks to the point where they’re unnoticeable.

laser treatment is not an instant fix

Patients are often surprised to learn that laser treatment is not an instant fix. It takes three to four sessions over months to see real results.

Don’t expect miracles. The best candidates for laser treatment are patients whose scars haven’t healed completely after three months.

What’s the best acne scar treatment?

Many dermatologists say laser treatments work best for raised bumps, and that there isn’t enough research to support the use of lasers on ice-pick scars or indentations.

The short answer is that it can help fade the scars, but they’re rarely eliminated completely. If you go into it knowing that there’s a good chance you’ll see some improvement but not a miracle, then laser might be worth trying.

Just remember that everyone has different skin and different scars; your results may look nothing like what you see here.