Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)


The human body is a miracle of adaptation, growing stronger, maturing and evolving with each passing day. With the help of platelets, it even possesses the ability to self-heal. The blood flowing within you holds the secrets to regeneration and the maintenance of good health. Dr. Shawn Seit is a specialist in the field of endogenous wellness, which entails utilizing healing substances from the patient’s own body to offer medical remedies without the requirement for harmful medications or invasive surgeries.

Among the most promising approaches to endogenous healthcare: platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

PRP is a new and proven approach to tackle some of the most frustrating and persistent problems we have. The best part is that it is a natural approach that employs the superior resources that your own body provides.

Under the expert leadership of Dr. Seit, Rejuuv Medi Spa pioneers cutting edge techniques to rejuvenate and reinvigorate patients on a cellular level. Rejuuv Medi Spa is conveniently located in North York, Yorkville and Markham and proudly serves the needs of Toronto, and beyond. Contact our office to learn how you can benefit from Dr. Seit’s dedication and vision.

We also provide virtual consultations for those who are unable to visit us in person. 


What Is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a concentrate of platelet-rich plasma protein derived from your own blood. Platelets have a flat and circular shape, resembling dinner plates. This specific shape enables platelets to form a unified mesh and block the site of a wound or abrasion. Coagulation, commonly known as clotting, is the primary function of platelets.

There is, however, a treasure trove of untapped potential hiding in your platelets. In addition to clotting, platelets communicate with one another through chemical signals.[1]  Through coordinated functions with one another, platelets collaborate to form a restorative mechanism. They act as the initial responders within your bloodstream, standing by to promptly race to the site and bravely mend any damaged or weakened tissue.


PRP Therapy


Through the isolation of platelets in your blood, we can use them to replenish aging skin and revive damaged tissue. This innovative and non-invasive treatment utilizes and amplifies the healing properties of the platelet cells present in your own body, which are composed of hundreds of proteins known as growth factors. We start by drawing a vial of your blood and process it using the method of centrifugation (spinning) to separate the red blood cells. The next step is a second centrifugation to concentrate platelets, resulting in platelet-rich plasma that can contain growth factors that are 5 to 10 times greater than average. In fact, “normal blood” contains roughly 6% platelets, while PRP contains as much as 94%.


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a promising therapy for healing and rejuvenation. PRP is a concentrated solution of platelets and growth factors obtained from the patient’s own blood. It is believed that the growth factors in PRP can stimulate tissue repair and regeneration when injected into the desired area.  PRP therapy has been used in various fields of medicine, including orthopedics, dermatology, and sexual medicine. We  harness the power of PRP for skin rejuvenation, hair restoration, wound healing, sexual enhancement, joint and muscle injuries. 


Benefits of PRP Therapy


Platelets in our blood form a significant role in communication by forming a dynamic network of healing within the body as they interact with each other. However, a drawback is that platelets are naturally confined to the specific area of the anatomy where they are located.

One of our nurses will  release platelets from their confines, purify and amplify their viability, and unleash their potential in the area where they are most needed. Patients benefit from our comprehensive approach to platelet allocation and relocation. Your plasma already knows how to heal you; it just needs a boost to maximize its efficiency.

The benefits of PRP include: 

  • Restoration of damaged tissue
  • Reduction of joint pain
  • Treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men
  • Enhancement of sexual function in women
  • Stimulation of new hair growth
  • Promotion of skin regeneration and elasticity


To experience the benefits of PRP therapy for yourself, please contact Rejuuv Medi Spa in Toronto, North York and Markham. 

Eligible Candidates


If you’re seeking rejuvenation without the use of numerous medications, PRP therapy may be an ideal option for you. Suitable candidates for PRP therapy have a sufficient quantity of viable platelets in their blood. Patients who struggle with anemia or current infections may not be ready to experience the benefits of platelet-rich plasma treatment.

To determine your eligibility for PRP therapy, call (905)695-6956 and book your appointment with one of our attentive staff members. 


During your comprehensive consultation, our  team will compile detailed instructions to prepare you for the PRP process. Because the procedure hinges on the platelets in your blood, you will be directed to promote optimal circulation in the weeks leading up to your plasma draw.

We recommend our patients to quit smoking well in advance of any healthcare treatment. You may also be advised to stop taking certain supplements and/or medications that thin the blood. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us! Dial (905) 695-6956 to connect with a caring professional and put your uncertainty aside. 


PRP therapy is customized to each patient’s situation. It generally begins with a blood draw so we can isolate your platelets. After that, the next course of action is in your hands. As you navigate your path towards self-improvement, we are your experienced and knowledgeable co-pilots. Once the platelets in your sample are purified and amplified, they are prepared for insertion. One of our experienced nurses will pinpoint the placement of your PRP serum for maximum effectiveness. 


The duration of the recovery process depends on the scope of your treatment. The area being healed may experience redness and swelling as your own plasma is injected. Ice packs and topical creams are provided to alleviate any minor discomfort.


The benefits of PRP treatments are truly transformative. Case in point: one extensive study proved that platelet treatment was instrumental in treating patients with carpal tunnel syndrome.[2] Participants in the study were evaluated before PRP therapy and at 1, 3, and 6 month intervals after receiving platelet care. Patients indicated that their pain was significantly reduced and their disability was lessened as a result of platelet-rich plasma. 

We are thrilled that our clients are happy and healthy due to Dr. Seit’s revolutionary methods. Patient satisfaction is our top priority.

Complementary and Alternative Procedures 

PRP therapy is an excellent complementary treatment as it accelerates the healing process and aids in cellular regeneration. That’s why it pairs seamlessly with other services available at Rejuuv Medi Spa.

To tackle the visible signs of aging on your skin, it’s worth considering the advantages of laser treatments. By targeting sun spots and wrinkles, we can rejuvenate skin, with or without a helping hand from PRP. 

Rejuuv Medi Spa is also the destination for hair restoration and sexual wellness solutions. Both of these disciplines require dedication and innovation. PRP therapy may be a key ingredient in promoting new hair growth or stimulating libido. We can incorporate your platelets into a comprehensive approach to tackle whichever issues bother you most. 

Rejuuv Medi Spa is also the gold standard when it comes to hormone replacement therapy (HRT). To determine if HRT or PRP (or both!) are right for you, please contact Rejuuv Medi Spa at your earliest convenience. 

Private Consultation at Rejuuv Medi Spa

Contact us at (905)695-6956 to schedule a consultation. Our team is eager to meet you and 

 help chart your future. If PRP therapy is right for you, we will explain the process in detail and describe how it can be tailored to your goals. If Dr. Seit believes a different approach would be more beneficial, he will tell you openly and honestly.


How much does PRP therapy cost in Toronto?

The price of PRP therapy is determined by the number of sessions needed and the specific condition being addressed. At Rejuuv Medi Spa, we take pride in providing exceptional care at the right price. Please call (905) 695-6956 to learn how we design treatments to fit your budget and lifestyle. 

Does PRP treatment really work?

Your plasma contains powerful healing properties. With the expert guidance of Dr. Shawn Seit, you can harness the potential of your platelets and utilize them to their fullest capacity. Whether you seek hair restoration, sexual wellness, or skin rejuvenation,  we can guide you toward a stronger tomorrow. 


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