Liquid facelift | Toronto

The Rejuuv liquid lift is our famous non-surgical injection technique using the most unique method to help you look 10-15 years younger in one hour.

A liquid facelift involves injecting dermal fillers into the skin to plump up the skin. It differs from a surgical facelift in that it doesn’t involve cutting into the skin.

The goal of a liquid facelift is to reduce sagging and wrinkles. It can also:

  • plump up lips
  • reduce the hollow areas under your eyes
  • fill your cheeks if they look gaunt
  • tighten wrinkles around your lips, eyes, and forehead
  • reduce the appearance of scars

Liquid Facelift is offered in our Toronto Medi Spa.


How does liquid facelift work?

  • The connective tissues in your skin — such as collagen and elastin — break down as you age. You might also lose fat in your face, which can lead to your face looking gaunt. Many people feel that this makes them look older, and they look for a procedure that will “reverse” this effect.

    Fillers work by literally filling up space in the layers of the skin. This plumps it up to reduce the appearance of wrinkled and sagging skin.

Liquid Facelift is offered in our MarkhamYorkville, and North York location.

Who is liquid facelift suitable for?

The ideal candidate for a liquid facelift is someone with relatively few wrinkles and a small amount of sagging. If you have a lot of sagging skin, or if you want dramatic results, a surgical facelift might be better for you.

what to expect after a liquid facelift?

  • Swelling that should subside within 48 to 72 hours of treatment
  • Bruising (for up to a week) marking the spot where we injected Sculptra

benefits of a liquid facelift

  • Making fine lines and deep wrinkles disappear
  • Fills sunken areas on your cheeks for a full, youthful look
  • Raise brows and temples
  • Gives your whole face a firm, lifted look
  • The procedure only takes an hour
  • Results can last up to two years
  • The cost is about half the cost of a surgical facelift
  • Suitable for any skin type
  • Able to wear makeup the next day
  • Improves skin texture and tone
  • Can enhance your results with facials, Botox, and other treatments
  • Boost overall skin collagen production and health
  • 2-3 weeks will see full results, results get better over the span of 1-2 months

Doctor's Orders

  • Don’t book a facial or massage on the same day you’re having injections
  • Apply an ice pack three to four times a day to help reduce any swelling
  • Wear sunscreen to protect your skin after treatment