The Elixir of Youth Toronto

Rejuvenate, revive, anti-age, hydrate

The ultimate medical grade facial and REJUUV’s signature anti-aging power house! This treatment regenerates new collagen and completely transforms skin texture for unparalleled smoothness and revitalization. REJUUV’s advanced cosmetic nurse will assess your candidacy, draw your blood to harness the growth factor platelet cells, and mix the cells with a specially crafted, cross-linked pharmaceutical grade hyaluronic acid to create a bespoke elixir which is delivered deep into the skin using a special 9- prong micro-infusion device at a specific depth and dose. Upon popular request, our medical practitioner may draw extra platelet rich plasma cells and use a personalized hand injection technique to target tiny fine lines and wrinkles prior to the facial. Results? Youthful baby smooth skin.

The Elixir of Youth is offered in our Toronto Medi Spa.


Elixir of youth Facial toronto

Elixir of youth facial is one of the best ways to take care of your skin. A multi-step treatment, it cleanses and nourishes; promoting clear healthy complexion that can help you look younger! Skincare specialists recommend having a professional facials about every three weeks – which helps speed up this process for healthier looking cells from head to toe in no time at all.

Elixir of youth facial is offered in our Toronto location.


Dr. Shawn Seit, MD is the founder and medical director of Rejuuv Medispa. He is a graduate of University of Toronto’s Medical School and trained with Dr. R. Stephen Mulholland who has been voted one of the top ten cosmetic plastic surgeons in Canada by Flare Magazine. Dr. Shawn Seit, MD is rated on RateMd and Verified Real Self Doctor. 

Dr. Seit has extensive experience with cosmetic picoway laser use, injection rhinoplasty, Botox, dermal fillers, and facial sculpting. Dr. Seit also performs a new non-surgical body sculpting technique to dissolve unwanted fat deposits on the body. Dr. Seit’s techniques will result in attractive, natural-looking enhancements.