Ways to Get Over Your Fear of Needles

It’s not surprising that needles cause people to break out in a cold sweat. Some estimates say 20% of the world population is affected by this fear, which makes sense considering how many injectable products there are on the market today. However as demand for these anti-aging treatments continues growing some individuals have found ways to push their anxiety aside and enjoy all that smooth skin has to offer!

Doctors have developed injection strategies that are more comforting and patients who overcame their phobia. There is also hope since cosmetic injections use smaller needles than intramuscular vaccine injections using 22-25 gauge (according to doctors on RealSelf).

Squeezing Distraction

Using humor during your medi spa consultant in Toronto can help relax you as well. Dr Shawn Seit jokes that he gives patients balls and tell them to pretend it’s silicone breast implants, which they find entertaining and distracting from the pain of their treatment. If this doesn’t work for a particular patient’s tastes, any stress ball will do to create some levity in an otherwise tense environment!

Dull The Pain

One way to make the prick of a needle more bearable is by applying topical anesthetic cream. This allows for 10-15 minutes before using it, but some patients may prefer something stronger so they can use their own [local prescription anesthetic] at home beforehand and then wipe off what’s already been applied when they come in.

Vibrating Tool 

The most effective distraction technique for filler injections is deep breathing. Our Rejuuv Medi Spa client who has injected herself with fillers more than thirty times over two years, says that her strategy of inhaling and exhaling deeply throughout the procedure has helped make it “so much easier”. She started out using vibrating tools or other distractions to reduce pain but now solely focuses on breathing in order to distract from any discomfort. 


“My nurses tap and or massage the patient’s shoulder as I am injecting,” says Dr. Shawn Seit, “Using the same sensory tactic as vibrating tools [we call] it ‘an effective distraction.’ If that isn’t enough, we put a stronger weighted massage unit around their shoulders which is comforting and reduces anxiety.”


If you choose nitrous oxide, a mix of oxygen and laughing gas that patients inhale to remain calm during the procedure, it’s important that your recovery is well managed. After treatment with this method “we set the patient up for 15-30 minute nap before they can drive home safely,” says Dr Shawn Seit

Don’t Look!

Our patient shares her trick for getting over the needle-fear and minimizing pain when she gets a Botox injection. She says that as long as she doesn’t look at the needle coming toward her face while it’s being injected into an area like crow’s feet or forehead wrinkles; “I actually feel quite surprised how much needles do not hurt!”