Where Does Botox Go Once It Wears Off And When It Wears Off Will It Make Me Look Older?

“Can I expect Botox to wear off and leave me with wrinkles because it is still in my body?”

These are questions we hear over and over again. They all refer to an important phenomenon called “Botulinum Toxin Protein Complex Kinetics.” This may sound like a mouthful, but it’s really very simple.

Botox is a protein and as such it is digested. The digestive process takes time and we know that this makes sense because we don’t wake up one day with food in our teeth from the previous day!

What happens to Botox after you inject it?

Once injected into the skin, Botox is absorbed into the body. The protein itself is digested just like any other food you eat. However, because it’s a large protein molecule, this process takes several weeks.

At first, it goes to work immediately causing the temporary reduction of facial wrinkles. Then as time passes and more protein molecules are absorbed into your body, their effects add up and you see a continued improvement in your wrinkles. Eventually, all of the Botox molecules have been absorbed into your body, but it still takes several weeks to reach this point.


The answer to this question is NO. Once Botox has been absorbed into the body, it is broken down and eliminated by normal bodily processes. Therefore, all of the Botox will have disappeared from your system, leaving you with nothing but good results!  

So after it’s all said and done where does the Botox go? Botulinum Toxin Protein Complex Kinetics is a highly complicated science. But in general, much of the protein that hasn’t yet been broken down by the body is removed through urine.