Here’s Why Your Lip Filler May Not Last as Long as Expected

Yes, 2021 is the year of lip filler. But we will say this: It’s a universally beloved procedure that currently boasts an approval rate upwards of 97%. So if you are looking for some new lips on your face then please give us a call or visit our website today!

When it comes to filling in your favorite pout, there is no one-size fits all. Though the bulk of lip-filling formulas share HA as a common denominator, their individual cross-linking and chemical characteristics make them too nuanced for any sweeping generalizations—except that almost every happy patient wishes their plump lips lasted longer than advertised or expected due to constant movement which speeds up breakdown time!

Your metabolism determines how long your lip filler will last.

The rate at which you burn calories dictates the quality of life for those with unnatural or excessive weight gain, so it is no wonder that changing up one’s diet can make all the difference in this area! 

The more you move your mouth, the faster it goes away.

It’s a well-known fact that the faster you move your lips, chew or kiss—and therefore the more lip filler is applied inside them—the sooner it will start to break down. It just depends on how much an individual talks and chews during certain periods in their life for this correlation with fillers being used at some point come true but be careful not get too excited about getting rid of any wrinkles if there aren’t many yet!

Getting regular lip injections can help you achieve the long-lasting results that everyone is after.

Fillers are great for restoring volume and correcting milder cases of folds, creases or resizing. This temporary swell helps to hide the problem area while new collagen grows in place to plump it up over time!